Stuff I Like a Whole Lot

  • Neti Pot: Your nose will be clear like you’ve never known. I don’t have huge allergy problems, but I’ve heard of chronic allergy medicine users getting off the drugs all together. Also great for frequent travelers.
  • Rdio: An online music streaming service. I had to really think hard about how I consume music. I don’t have a huge collection nor am I especially adventuresome in actively seeking out new music. Rdio gives me just enough social features, presented in a good looking and useful way, to keep up with what my trusted music-head friends are listening to. I especially like their queue feature that lets you line up things to listen to. I also make heavy use of their Sync to Mobile feature so I can work through my queue and have my favorites on my phone when I have a weak data signal and no wifi.
  • Dropbox: Dropbox is online (aka “in the cloud”) storage space. You get 2 GB for free and you can upgrade for a monthly or annual fee. I store my most precious documents here in addition to my physical hard drive backup. You can access it and up/download your files from anywhere you have web access. But here’s the real genius of Dropbox: You can install a Dropbox client on your computer (Mac or PC); it lives as folder and it automatically syncs the contents. For example, I keep my budget spreadsheet in Dropbox and a shortcut to the file (which is in the Dropbox “folder”) in the Dock on my MacBook, so I just click to access the file from the dock, and when I save it it’s automatically saved to Dropbox.
  • BlogHer. THE online community for women. Hands down. Founded by three amazingly smart, sassy, savvy women. I went to the second BlogHer conference in ’06 and again in ’07. Besides their awesome content and community, truthfully, I’m blown away that when I run into founders Jory, Elisa, and Lisa at various tech conferences, all of them recognize my face at least, even though I’m far from an active BlogHer participant. They’re that good.
  • Twin Cities Women’s Choir: One of my top three favorite things about living in the Twin Cities. It was not until I joined the TCWC in the fall of 2006 that I really felt at home here. Amazing community of women. Singing in a choir is a wonderful expression of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Minnesota Fringe Festival: Another one of my top three favorite things about living in the Twin Cities. It’s a performing arts extravaganza! I love being exposed to art forms and artists that I may not otherwise come across. There is an awful lot of theatre to be consumed in the Twin Cities at any given time. The Fringe highlights all these wonderful independent groups that exist beyond the big shiny flashy obvious ones.
  • Sibbotery Pottery: Wheel thrown pottery created in Austin, TX by my friend Cheryl Hardy. In our home we have a set of her serving bowls, a tea light holder, and a pair of mugs she custom made for our friends’ New Orleans wedding.
  • Dave Seah’s Productivity Tools: Who doesn’t love a good form. While I use a few different apps to track tasks and projects electronically, I get the most bang for my buck out of pen and paper. I’ve tried a bunch, and I use the Emergent Task Planner and Emergent Task Timer the most.
  • Kiva. Making a difference in the lives of people who need it, at not much cost to me. I’ve been using Ed Kohler’s Kiva Completist Calculator to make find loans in countries I haven’t loaned in before.

Stuff I Use For Websites

  • Emtwo Web Studios: My friend Mel and her husband Sean run this shop. They’ve done design work that I’m terribly pleased with and rescued my site from a CMS switch/hosting situation gone to hell. They’re experts on Expression Engine and WordPress, and service clients of all sizes.
  • 3eighteen media: My friend Maurice Cherry does fantastic work. I’m most familiar with his design work (graphic design of all sorts, from print to web, including logos), but he also does content strategy, email marketing, and all things WordPress. For your small business or nonprofit, check him out.
  • Dreamhost: I host all my websites on Dreamhost. Never had a problem. Affordable. Entertaining monthly newsletter. Piece of cake. I really like that they make it dead simple to integrate your account with Google Apps.
  • Namecheap: I purchase all my non-specialty domains from Namecheap.
  • Text Link Ads from Matomy SEO: I’m not living off the money I earn from TLA, but it helps cover the domain and hosting bills. Did you even notice I had text link ads on this site?
  • WordPress: Of course.