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The Loving Story

A documentary on the Loving vs Virginia case. It’s really interesting to listen to oral arguments from this case in the context of this week’s SCOTUS hearings on Prop 8 and DOMA.

Just because you used to love something, does not mean that you are obligated to keep doing it long after you stop loving it. In fact, you are likely doing that something a disservice by not pouring your all into it.

This is exactly why I stopped doing and It took me a looooong time to get there, though. At the time I attributed it to burnout. Looking back now, I can see that it was a little deeper than that.

Stop Doing That


Powering Down Google Reader

Google Reader is going away. You have until July 1, 2013, to get your data out. Fortunately, Google makes it easy for you to remove all your data from all of their services via Google Takeout. Your Google Reader data comes in a format that conforms to standards and is easily importable to any other feedreading app or service.