#resound11 – Dec 28: Five Things

12/28: Five Things Take today to jot down five memories that you would like to never forget about 2011. Try to write about five things you haven’t shared yet, but if you need to repeat, that’s OK! (#)

In no particular order…

#nerdwedding11 It is extremely rare to get so much of the fam – so many of my favorite people – in one place at one time. And for the express purpose of fun and celebration, to boot? It doesn’t get better than that.

Presenting at SXSW Interactive. This conference has meant a lot of things to me. Achieving this mode of participation, giving a good presentation, knowing that people who attended got something out of it, and presenting as part of a crazy smart and talented group which made for an amazing overall block of content was highly fulfilling. I think I’ve only done one thing at my day job that I am more proud of, professionally speaking.

The Lynx winning the WNBA championship in Atlanta. I’ve experienced sports team championships before, but never so closely. Always on tv, removed in some way. Never having been so personally invested. It wasn’t a case of being proud of what the team represented (something that I identity/affiliate with is successful), but I was actually proud of the team. The players, the coaches, the staff. All people I’ve met and had conversations with. I celebrated with other people (my fellow season ticket holders) who made a similar investment. I haven’t had a scream-your-head-off jump-up-and-down exciting moment like that in a long time.

My grandma’s smile. Missy and I (and Peanut) visited my family in Detroit in July. Grandma had been in the hospital for a couple months at that point, and we were thinking if we were going to see her again we’d best get down there sooner rather than later. We stopped by the hospital a few times over the long weekend. Grandma certainly wasn’t functioning as well as she used to, but her spirit and sense of humor were still firmly intact. At one point we walked out of her hospital room to leave. I looked back, and she looked at me and smiled and gave a little wave, and I knew that that was gonna be my “last moment with grandma” image. We may have even seen her again, sleeping, after that, but that’s what I remember. We road tripped for that visit. As it turned out, we flew back three weeks later for grandma’s funeral.

Grad school info session. I was totally surprised to leave St. Kate’s campus feeling so excited and so sure that their MAOL program was exactly what I wanted to do next. I’ve known for a long time I’m ready to do something different professionally, but I had no clue as to what that would be. I’m still not positive, but this feels like a good next step. Not only will it be completely different from my undergraduate experience, I’m confident that I’m at a place in life where I’m ready to receive what this program has to offer, I’m ready to do the work that it will require, and I have things to offer my classmates.