My Intuitive Reading with Holly Nicklay

For my birthday, Missy got me a groupon for an intuitive reading. I’d had one a couple years ago with Erin Pavlina, and that was a fantastic experience, so I was excited to try it again. I went with Holly Nicklay of Citrine Spiritual Healing. My reading with Erin was over the phone, so I was curious to see how it might be different getting a reading in person.

First she read my chakras, and then I had the opportunity to ask questions which she used several tarot decks to answer.

In order to start, she opened her channel. She started to focus on my root chakra, but then she told me she had a message that had to be shared before we could proceed with that. She had started to feel it shortly before I arrived. The message was basically that I am working very hard to achieve success and that I need to trust that I will achieve it.

For my root chakra she got the image of me standing on train tracks. I have a direction, and I’m working on moving in that direction, but I’m doing it alone. What I need to ask for is a train to come along and pick me up so I can continue on down the tracks.

For my sacral chakra, she had the image of a coin falling into a bucket of water. The single coin didn’t seem like much, but it had big impact. Her interpretation was that I have value. I have more value than I give myself credit for.

For my third chakra, she got the image of fish in water.

For my heart chakra, she had the image of an energy grid. It looked like many layers of screens. They act as a filter through which energy flows. She said the message she got was that I needed that filter for protection in the past. I still use it to protect myself, but I can take layers of the filter off and make myself vulnerable and let more people in.

For my throat chakra she saw a very strong arrow of energy shooting out of my throat. My personally is to be direct and I should learn to have apply some balance in how I use that because it’s not always well-received.

For my third eye she saw a soft, pink energy, wedding bells, and my mother. She said she saw my mother being very supportive of my future plans, perhaps wanting things for me that she herself did not have.

For my crown chakra, she saw a lizard or alligator.

I had told her nothing about my life situation before we did that. When she was done I told her that all of that completely rang true. At this point, all those messages rang so true, the price of admission would have been worth it if we stopped there.

Then I had the opportunity to ask questions.

My first question was about how comfortable my transition from work to full time school would be. The answer was that I’m enjoying family time now, and August needs to be entirely about rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation, because come September school time is going to be focused and kind of intense.

My next question was about, not knowing and trying to avoid fixating on any specific post-school outcome, whether I’d be okay. The answer was that I need to let go of guarding my resources and know that I am capable. I need to periodically re-assess and recognize what I have. And then I need to let go of my projected fears and watch for any tendencies to self-sabotage out of fear.

My next question was about committing time to my volunteer options. The message was that my current commitments are stable but a lot of potentially-uncomfortable change is coming. A new opportunity would also be change, but could renew my sense of purpose.

My last question was about the possibility of our moving somewhere else. The message there was that we are deeply rooted where we are, but that there is a new opportunity coming here. If we want to move, there will be family resistance. A move could be renewing for us, and the move could have an element of wish fulfillment. There might also be an ocean involved. So if we want to move, we need to be intentional about what we ask for.

So my descriptions, in retrospect, seem very vague and “of course!” What I’ve written down is a condensed, distilled version. She relayed all of these messages, with more detail, before I ever revealed any details about the reality of any of these situations. On these last two questions, I didn’t get guidance in any particular direction, but I got validation that I’m seeing those situations clearly.

The overarching message about preparedness, achievement and success, and believing in myself is a recurring theme. It came out in my last reading. In fact, the phrase “absolutely capable” came up both times.

I’ve been telling myself and others that I don’t know exactly what I want to do when I graduate but I’m remaining open to possibilities. I thought I hadn’t truly internalized that message, but it came out in my energy and in the messages from my spirit guides, so it must be working! I’m trying not to become attached to any specific outcomes, but I definitely can stand to put more thought into what qualities I want in my next role.

I just recently had a revelation in which I said to Missy that maybe we need to stop thinking about moving in terms of what places we know and whether we like them, and start thinking more generally about qualities that we want in a new place to live and let some place that fulfills them make itself known to us. So we’ll keep on with that idea.

#resound11 – Dec 28: Five Things

12/28: Five Things Take today to jot down five memories that you would like to never forget about 2011. Try to write about five things you haven’t shared yet, but if you need to repeat, that’s OK! (#)

In no particular order…

#nerdwedding11 It is extremely rare to get so much of the fam – so many of my favorite people – in one place at one time. And for the express purpose of fun and celebration, to boot? It doesn’t get better than that.

Presenting at SXSW Interactive. This conference has meant a lot of things to me. Achieving this mode of participation, giving a good presentation, knowing that people who attended got something out of it, and presenting as part of a crazy smart and talented group which made for an amazing overall block of content was highly fulfilling. I think I’ve only done one thing at my day job that I am more proud of, professionally speaking.

The Lynx winning the WNBA championship in Atlanta. I’ve experienced sports team championships before, but never so closely. Always on tv, removed in some way. Never having been so personally invested. It wasn’t a case of being proud of what the team represented (something that I identity/affiliate with is successful), but I was actually proud of the team. The players, the coaches, the staff. All people I’ve met and had conversations with. I celebrated with other people (my fellow season ticket holders) who made a similar investment. I haven’t had a scream-your-head-off jump-up-and-down exciting moment like that in a long time.

My grandma’s smile. Missy and I (and Peanut) visited my family in Detroit in July. Grandma had been in the hospital for a couple months at that point, and we were thinking if we were going to see her again we’d best get down there sooner rather than later. We stopped by the hospital a few times over the long weekend. Grandma certainly wasn’t functioning as well as she used to, but her spirit and sense of humor were still firmly intact. At one point we walked out of her hospital room to leave. I looked back, and she looked at me and smiled and gave a little wave, and I knew that that was gonna be my “last moment with grandma” image. We may have even seen her again, sleeping, after that, but that’s what I remember. We road tripped for that visit. As it turned out, we flew back three weeks later for grandma’s funeral.

Grad school info session. I was totally surprised to leave St. Kate’s campus feeling so excited and so sure that their MAOL program was exactly what I wanted to do next. I’ve known for a long time I’m ready to do something different professionally, but I had no clue as to what that would be. I’m still not positive, but this feels like a good next step. Not only will it be completely different from my undergraduate experience, I’m confident that I’m at a place in life where I’m ready to receive what this program has to offer, I’m ready to do the work that it will require, and I have things to offer my classmates.