My Introduction to the Enneagram Personality System

Since I’ve been back on an Enneagram kick, I signed up for a daily “EnneaThought” email. I get a sentence or two designed to make me think about how I’m behaving and teach me more about all the aspects of my specific personality type (I’m a Six).

When a daily email particularly resonates with me, I’ve been sharing it on Google+. I’ve shared it enough and had enough conversations about concepts and resources that I decided to include some stock language every time I post about the Enneagram, or at least every time I post my daily EnneaThought. This is inspired by Chris Penn‘s daily social media posting of his Welcome aboard! page so his new followers can get to know him better.

My intro to the Enneagram looks like this:

What I like about the Enneagram Personality System is it examines your motivations – the root cause of your behaviors, not just the symptoms. I had some real eye-opening, a-ha moments learning about my own Type Six personality. It gives you a path to personal growth. You can take it as simply or complex as you want to.

Read more about how the Enneagram works.

Determine your Enneagram personality type. The free RHETI sampler is a good start if you want to do some extra reading about the types to solidify your understanding of the results. If you want it to just tell you, take the full RHETI test for $10.

The Enneagram book I recommend starting with is Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery.