Two Weeks of Awesome, A Life Update

It’s been crazy around here. It’s also been a couple weeks of great things, so I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that and express my gratitude.

The big big news, obviously, that Missy and I set our wedding date. This had already been dispersed via Twitter and facebook, so it oddly felt a little anticlimactic posting it here. But there it is.

The Fringe Festival ran earlier this month. I spent less time this year cramming in shows and pulled my first ever volunteer shifts. We had record attendance this year!

We had a tornado. I live and work 25 minutes southwest of where the funnel clouds touched down. Nothing but heavy rain (through my cracked sunroof) around here.

I recently spoke on a panel about the evolving media landscape with a bunch of local journalists and public affairs programmers sponsored by community radio station KFAI. I was crazy honored just to be asked. What I really liked about it is the audience is different from the one I usually engage in this conversation with. I’m usually talking with younger, media- and internet-savvy folks. KFAI’s audience — the citizens who are engaged enough to pay to come this event — are older and longtime denizens of their respective neighborhoods. It occurred to me that folks such as these, especially if they’re retired would make great citizen journalists. They have the history in their heads and the time to go to community meetings and make phone calls and write about it. They just need someone to help them with the technology end of things.

I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to join the Advisory Council for Rainbow Families, the midwest office of the Family Equality Council. I get more done if I have more to do, right? I’m very much looking forward to working with this organization. It scares me, as I wrote in that post, but it’s exciting, too.

I’ve been a big fan of Queercents for LGBT-oriented personal finance news and information. They very kindly profiled me for their Ten Money Questions series.

And then there’s all the yoga. That’s quite a chunk of time out of a given day or week by itself. I’ve been managing three to four classes a week. I feel good about that pattern holding for the next few months. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about myself and about the practice in just a couple of months. I love it.

Work, thankfully, has been relatively quiet lately. It was quite hectic earlier this summer. As we transfer our manufacturing offsite and progress towards the shutdown of this plant, we will be launching fewer new products from our site and ramping down production. I think the push we saw this summer was the busiest we’re going to be until we close. The next new and different thing will be decommissioning activities and I’m sure I’ve got lots of loose strings to tie up so there’s closure on all outstanding items (because the FDA likes to see that).

I’m starting a management training mini-course at the University of Minnesota later this month. I’m still not convinced an MBA is the right thing for me to do, but this should be interesting and will give me a nice intro to the U as well.

Choir started up this week. Even though that adds at least one dedicated commitment per week, I’m expecting it to have a calming effect on my schedule. It’s regular and consistent and always fun. And this year, I swear, I promise to practice more earlier in the season so I’m not cramming for concerts. Seriously. I mean it.

Lastly, I’ve been putting some work into EMDC. It’s quasi-professional. It’s also a good spot for me to play around. I’m still searching for the best way to create my singular online hub that effectively combines all my various sites and properties, but is also presentable in my professional life. The fact of the matter is that anyone who googles me will find this site first and can pretty easily find all that stuff anyway, so I might as well just serve it up in a good-looking, comprehensible way. I’m fascinated by what my friend Brian just did with his longtime online home, He gave up the blog, has aggregated his various feeds, and is doing his updating (“blogging”?) on tumblr. Bewwy intewestink.

I realized that all of my various life events are posted all over the place (see?! that’s the problem!), so I thought I’d consolidate. It’s been a very exciting and rewarding couple of weeks around here. I’m trying to be grateful and to not second guess whether or not I deserve any of it.