Wedding Date: March 27, 2010

Last weekend, Missy and I settled on a wedding date.


March 27 is our existing anniversary date, and it so happens it falls on a Saturday next year. We’re definitely ready to take this step, so we figured there’s no real reason to wait any longer.

We’ve gotten numerous variations on the question: “Where are you getting legally married?” We’re not. Not right now. Minnesota doesn’t recognize same-sex unions legally performed in other states, so there’s no legal benefit to us in doing that right now. We’re not planning on making any special trips to get legally married somewhere, but if we happen to find ourselves in one of those states where we could, it might happen.

The fact that we (and probably so many other gay couples) get this question so much is clearly indicative of the way church and state have become intertwined on this issue. It’s hard to mentally separate a wedding from the change in legal status that comes with it.

But we feel it’s important to stand up in front of our families and our friends and share with them our commitment to each other. We could proceed with our life plans without doing this. Maybe wait until it’s legal in Minnesota. But the fact is we’ve made the commitment, so why would we wait to celebrate it?

Other than the date, we’ve decided on nothing. When I have answers for you on colors, registries, etc., I’ll let you know (because y’all have been asking about that, too). We’re working on save-the-dates and a venue.

This is all grown up and stuff.

I’m gonna marry my girl! Squee!