My Favorite Vegan Recipe

Missy’s been on a vegan kick lately. Our diet is nowhere near strictly vegan. But she’s been trying to cut out dairy. Since vegan food is by definition dairy-free and there are lots of vegan resources out there, vegan it is.

So that means I get a lot of cupcakes out of the deal. And a little feel-good for my superior healthy food choices. Even though I’ve not made one choice in the matter; I just eat what she gives me. It’s the same kind of feel-good I get out of riding my bike to work, like, once a week.

Anyway, in trying to do my part, I found a vegan recipe on the internet that I really really like. It’s my favorite so far and I’m fairly confident I won’t find another one that I like better. Seriously, it’s been so awesome. Here’s my favorite vegan recipe, modified to our tastes.

1 kitchen
1 Missy

– Bring Missy to kitchen.
– Leave kitchen.
– Wait 20-45 minutes.
– Enjoy with a favorite beverage.

Okay, I confess, I didn’t even find that recipe. Missy did that, too.