Missy said it was a sign when she first walked into my apartment and saw my Jean-Luc Picard magnet on the fridge. Because she had a Jean-Luc postcard with the exact same picture on her fridge.

One of her Cut the Fluff Challenge items was the Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual. And that’s only because it’s so old it won’t work on our computers.

Day 24

Fortunately, I have the book version of the Technical Manual. So we can still get our structural integrity field physics fix when we need it.

My First Speaking Gig

Tomorrow I’m speaking on a panel entitled “The Future of News.” It’s sponsored by the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at Carleton College and moderated by visiting professor Michael Griffin.

(Funny how it’s about journalism, and I had to re-write that first blurb a few times.)

And before I go on, let me just say…

SQUEEEEEEEE!!! *fall down go boom*

Okay, here’s the blurb:

Where is journalism heading in the current media environment? As traditional newspapers downsize, TV news further devolves into infotainment, and weblogs proliferate, what does the future hold for reporting that serves the public interest?

Hear what five Twin Cities journalists, all working to change the face of journalism in Minnesota, have to say about commercial news cutbacks, accelerating developments online, and shifting definitions of news in our rapidly changing media world.

And then there’s this:

The forum will feature a mix of veteran journalists and those on the cutting edge of new media.

So on this panel there’s me, and then there’s four guys that have all worked in traditional journalism — Eric Black, Jeremy Iggers, Brian Lambert, and Matt Thompson. I know Matt and I’d say he definitely falls more towards the latter end of that continuum. Eric Black and Jeremy Iggers have definitely been around for a long time. But we all have blogs that we publish to and different reasons for and methods of doing so, and we all have our fingers in some sort of new media-ish venture.

Should be pretty cool.