My Yearly Dose of Homophobia

As posted (mostly word for word) at the TCMB.

Missy and I had two gift certificates to View, so we went out for a nice Sunday evening dinner. Ate on the patio, enjoyed our meal, and decided that a post-dinner walk around Lake Calhoun was in order.

The weather was lovely (okay, maybe a tad hot), and surprisingly it wasn’t terribly crowded. I’d thought for sure with the long weekend that people would be out and about, but I suppose the hot scoping action takes place during the afternoon and not so much at 7:00 in the evening.

We’re coming around the south side of the lake, right where you cut over to Lake Harriet. I’m enjoying my surroundings, enjoying my girlfriend’s company as we walk hand-in-hand, and generally thinking about how great life is. Think soft focus and clouds and birds tweeting and cheesy music. The whole 9 yards.

And then I hear “Y’ALL CUT THAT SHIT OUT!”

*record scratch*

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