Plausible Accompaniment

Since we did have a party sectional on Monday, we of course had to have something fun prepared for rehearsal on Wednesday. Past incidents include coordinated outfits and choreography during a certain song.

We’ve been working really hard on this one song that’s all in Czech. The notes are easy enough but the words are driving everybody bonkers. I forget how it all evolved exactly, but at one point I said it would be easier if we just did it all with kazoos. Yadda yadda yadda, every Alto 2 was supplied with a kazoo for Wednesday rehearsal.

The fun part is the song starts with a (group) solo, and then the full choir comes in in a round, so we come in last. So everybody’s bopping along to the solo and counting down their entrance and then we come in with the kazoos.

Took our director a second to catch on, but we all kept going and made it all the way through the chorus. It sounded pretty good with the kazoos, too.

It was fantastic. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Yet Another Flak Radio Appearance

Jim and Taylor were kind enough to let me sit in for another Flak Radio episode. Unfortunately I didn’t figure out what exactly I was trying to say about good and evil until way after the fact.

Also, Jim makes a damn tasty Islamo-Fascist Awareness cupcake.

UPDATE: To specifically mention that my favorite part of this episode was talking about Gawker’s Alyssa Shelasky coverage and how I saw her at SXSW. Also see Samhita’s and Jason’s take on her panel.

New Gig

As of this week, I’ll be contributing to New Demographic‘s newest site, Race in the Workplace. *squeeeee*

I’m excited. This is a subject I’ve been thinking a lot about, especially since I moved into my current engineering role at this small not-so-diverse company I work for. So this is a nice alignment for me. I’m thrilled that Carmen asked. So check me out and give Carmen some love, because she does some great work and I’m honored to be able to lend a hand.