2007 L-y-n-x Seating Chart
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I put a deposit down on a L-y-n-x season ticket a couple months ago. I went to quite a few games last season, and I had gotten used to sitting in a particular section.

Yesterday was STH Select-a-Seat day. I had no intention of changing my seat, but I wanted to see what kind of other activities they’d have going on. There are plenty of STH’s who haven’t already locked in their seats, so this was more for them.

The seat I originally selected was in section 131, row A. This is near center court, behind the media table and benches.

Now, while I was at the Gopher game on Friday night, all the choir folks I was sitting with were talking about where their seats were. We agreed to meet up at NBA City to eat before our designated seat selection times. When I got there this afternoon, they were already sitting out in the Target Center. They all moved over a couple sections from where they usually sit. They had managed to wrangle a bunch of seats together, in Section 111, Row L. So I decided that I’d rather sit with people I know than be over in the part of the arena that I like best all by myself.

I’m the 7th in our group. Our account rep is going to try and get us in a bunch, in two rows. Worst case, we’re 7 seats in one row. Which puts me exactly opposite where I was before. Midcourt, 11 rows farther back, facing the benches. Really, not too shabby. With folks I know and like, and at one-third the price.

I’m ready for the season to start now. *antsy pants*