Sangria Recipe

Okay, since y’all asked nicely…. I was sort of keeping tight-lipped with this because it’s special to a certain group of my friends. And if I just tell you how to make it you don’t need me to make it for you.

But who am I to deny you the pleasure?

*moment of respectful silence*

The Recipe

4 L red wine
Sweet, not dry. I always use burgundy, from a box or a jug. You can buy “sangria” in a box, but that seems like cheating.
1.5 L Manischewitz kosher wine, Concord Grape flavor
There are a variety of flavors of Manischewitz, so make sure you get the Concord Grape. This comes in 750-mL and 1.5-L bottles.
750 mL Crantasia
Cranberry schnapps. I’m not sure I’ve seen non-Crantasia cranberry schnapps. Do not substitute with raspberry. I thought this came in 750-mL bottles, but I’ve only seen 1-L bottles lately.
250 mL brandy
I always use Christian Brothers. I don’t think it makes a huge difference what kind. It’s like the red wine, don’t waste your money on the expensive stuff.
Citrus Fruit
My order of preference: lemons, oranges, limes. Make sure you don’t mistake a pink grapefruit for an orange.


  1. This recipe was developed specifically to mimic the sangria served at Casa Dominick’s in Ann Arbor, MI. Dominick’s is a staple of Ann Arbor life and sangria is their thang.
  2. This batch size is huge — it makes about two gallons — but the quantities listed are easily purchasable units and it’s all metric so it’s also easily scaleable.
  3. Of course you can modify as you see fit, but I will cry if you do. Especially if you add anything fizzy or put apples in it.
  4. If you make yourself some and you like it, let me know. I like making people happy and sloppy drunk.

Bonus Recipe

Since Dawn brought it up, here’s the Swirlspice: In a highball, ice, one shot Captain Morgan, one shot Kahlua, top with Coke, splash of cream. No Pepsi or fake colas, flavored creamers work well, double those shots if you like but keep them evenly proportioned, stir (often) for best taste and texture.