A Day in the Life

9:30: Think about getting up.
9:40: Realize host has not yet left the building.
9:42: Put can of Slim-Fast breakfast in the freezer.
9:43: Plop down on couch and wait for The View to come on.
10:00: Begin to watch The View. Realize it is a rerun. Switch to Xena.
10:30: Get online. Discover solution to annoying inability to send mail from mail program. Plow through Inbox.
11:00: Next episode of Xena comes on (ooh, it’s a good one). Flip through various job-related emails and bookmarks.
12:00: Think about taking a shower.
12:10: Put a CD in. Rock out.
12:20: Turn the shower on. Rock out.
12:25: Take shower. Rock out.
12:37: Lose contact lens down drain. Experience mild relief that at least it was the eye that’s only a little astigmatic and not the one that’s really nearsighted.
12:40: Think about running errands.
12:42: Squint at computer.
12:44: Start to panic because hair is beginning to dry without a drop of product applied. Realize it probably doesn’t make a damn bit of difference, but spritz liberally with spray-in conditioner anyway.
12:54: Get dressed. Select closest matching bandana.
1:27: Finally decide to go to post office. Look out window and see large delivery truck parked behind me. Go back to e-mail.
1:28: Make mental note to rave about Kung-Log.
1:53: Return from post office having completely forgotten to get gas since car is running on fumes.
1:59: Call friendly neighborhood Jeep dealer to schedule service appointment.
2:00: Wonder why I actually thought I’d be able to get up at 7:00 on Friday and make mental note to call back about night drop.
2:01: Giggle in anticipation thinking Trading Spaces is about to come on. Groan when realizing that the computer clock is still on EDT and I have another hour to go.
2:07: Drink Slim-Fast lunch. Ponder fixing a better tasting and more potent liquid lunch.
2:45: Fix myself some a nice Captain ‘n Coke with extra lime juice.
3:05: Flip on Trading Spaces. Smile at Genevieve‘s bosoms. Grimace at Hilde.
4:11: Wonder what the web addresses are for pinging weblogs.com and blo.gs because I noticed that didn’t happen when I lasted posted via Kung-Log. Try to come up with something to post about directly from MT so I can see the “Pinging Sites” message.
4:14: While using the facilities, it occurs to me that I should probably make dinner for me and Carla.
4:50: Use the facilities for the 4th time in 2 hours.
4:48: Fix another Captain ‘n Coke with extra lime juice. Decide I should have some solid food and retrieve a Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom No Sugar Added mint ice cream sandwich from the freezer.
4:54: Remember that part of my reason for getting out of town for a week was to have time to do some thinking and thus think that I should really get off the computer. Rationalize that it’s been 2 whole days since I last checked all blogs on the blogroll.
4:57: Remember that I’m on the webcam and feel bad about licking ice cream sandwich off my fingers. Mentally say “fuck it” and have a piece of candy.
5:23: It occurs to me that I feel some guilt coming all the way to Madison, WI and not continuing on to the Twin Cities. So close, yet so far away. I miss my friends (but not the ones that are pissing me off). It also occurs to me that the last few times I’ve gone up there I’ve been perfectly happy to enjoy the city and not necessarily see people.
6:25: Am glad that the webcam does not broadcast audio because my personal approximation of The Nields is not very good.
6:37: Am reminded that tonight is 2-for-1 margarita night. Guilt for not getting dinner together vanishes.
7:11: Decide to drink some water so margaritas don’t knock me on my ass.
7:18: Decide further rocking out is necessary to sweat work excess Captain Morgan from system.
10:50: Return from dinner where two honking mugs of margarita were consumed. Attempt to counsel sister in her life decisions.
11:00: First actual viewing of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy! Highly enjoyable. Wish yet again that parents had cable.