Who cares?

Continuing in the vein of my wanting to do little work for more money, I’ve finally found the perfect word to describe my spiritual state: Apatheism! “Apatheism concerns not what you believe but how.” It’s “a disinclination to care all that much about one’s own religion, and an even stronger disinclination to care about other people’s.”

That is totally it. I just don’t care.

(from Dave)


My sister graduated from Michigan State on Friday! Congratulations, Emily!

Considering I accidentally made my mom cry on Wednesday afternoon for which she gave me the cold shoulder all day Thursday, there was a minimum of family drama bullshit on Friday. My mom complained about my sister withholding logistical details, and then informed me Friday morning that I was gonna have to drive up to East Lansing. Um, okay. Good thing we have no coffee in the house.

Anyway, my grandma and two aunts (on mom’s side) came over and we drove on up. I thought parking was gonna be crazy, but it really wasn’t so bad. We parked perhaps farther than we could have, but it still wasn’t far, except that my grandma and one of my aunts don’t really move around too well. Not for blocks at a time anyway. But it was fine. We get to Emily’s dorm room and she’s already crying.

Went to the Student Convocation. This ceremony was boring and sucky and poorly attended by the graduates. But Jennifer Granholm was receiving an honorary Doctor of Laws degree and gave the address and that was totally worth it. She also gave the commencement address at U of M last week and I was curious to see how similar they were. Looks like they were close, but not carbon copies or anything. And I happen to know she improvised a smidge because she actually ended her speech with “Sparty On!”

Later that afternoon was the ceremony for the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. This one was much better. They were one of the few individual colleges to have their ceremony in the Breslin Center, which I’m glad for. All the kiddies got to process up and get their “temporary diplomas” and there was much more excitement and celebration. I was good for most of the day, but I teared up when they moved their tassels from the right side to the left. I ran halfway around the arena and down to the floor to get pictures of Emily after she picked up her diploma. She was being silly, which I was glad to see. She’d done enough crying already that day, saying goodbye to her friends and the residents on her floor (she’s the R.A.).

We had dinner with some friends of the family at Ukai Japanese Steakhouse (you know, where you sit around the grill and the chef does all sorts of food and knife tricks and prepares your dinner right in front of you). It was a new experience for my aunts and they cracked me up asking the chef all about what he was doing and what he was making. I had the steak, chicken, and shrimp combo and it was fucking fantastic. :9

And then we were all sleepy as hell, so we drove back home and I went right to bed so I could be well rested to meet Vern the next day.

My baby sister. I’m so proud! *sniff*