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I’ve had a blog since 2002. I started with Blogger, then Movable Type. Now I use WordPress and Tumblr was fun for a while. I’m neither a designer nor a developer, but I’ll play with stuff. I’m mortified to realize that the sort of thing I used to post to this site I now post to Facebook instead.

I’ve lived in Minneapolis since 1999 (mostly). I was hot in the Twin Cities blogging community for a while in the mid-2000s, first at the Minneapolis Metblog and then at my site I love this place, I like knowing what’s going on and sharing with people what’s cool and where to go. I’m also keenly aware that it’s pretty white here, so was born to collect stories about minority experiences in Minnesota. All of those projects are now defunct.

Singing is what makes my soul happy. I’ve been with the Twin Cities Women’s Choir since 2006, first as a singer and now on staff. I’m a big fan of our huge indie theater scene and the Minnesota Fringe Festival is one of my favorite things about living here. I used to sit on the TCWC’s and Fringe’s boards of directors. I served on Family Equality Council’s Midwest Advisory Council. I used to sit on the board of directors of Project 515, an LGBT advocacy group working to secure equal rights and considerations for same-sex couples and their families under Minnesota law. In 2012, we helped Minnesota be the first state in the country to defeat an anti-equality constitutional amendment. In 2013, we helped Minnesota turn around and achieve marriage equality through legislation. Project 515 has since closed on account of achieving its mission.

I’m an on-again-off-again runner. I’ve got three half marathons (San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis), two 10-milers, three Ragnar Relays, and one full marathon (Detroit) under my belt. I’m also a lapsed yogi and I keep threatening to get into weight lifting.

I used my grad school time to create some space and try out some new things, which resulted in a new career as an arts nonprofit administrator and a hobby of volunteering for political campaigns.

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