Is it Getting Better? Chris Kluwe, Aaron Rodgers and LGBT Rights in Sports

Insightful commentary by Dave Zirin, as usual. He mentions a recent piece by sports writer Will Leitch saying that no, it’s not getting better and it may actually be getting worse.

I find it hard to believe that the environment in professional men’s sports is worse now than it has been in the past. But maybe we’ve just hit a plateau. Or maybe progress doesn’t look like what we think it will look like.

Many people I know were actually really excited about the possibility of Aaron Rogers coming out. Largely because the fact is that it would be culturally meaningful and it would be a show of courage by a guy who people have a lot of respect for. Instead he responded in the grossest way possible, by going to the media and doubling down on his hetero-masculinity. His response was sad and embarrassing.

Kluwe’s and Rodgers’ words each make the other’s stand out that much more.