Huge Title IX Victory Today in Quinnipiac University Case

The litigation started in 2009 as a run-of-the-mill Title IX case, brought by volleyball players and their coach to prevent Quinnipiac from dropping its thriving women’s program. But during the course of the litigation, the volleyball players’ lawyers uncovered numerous tactics that Quinnipiac had used to prevent university athletes from having equal educational opportunities in its athletics offerings and operations – direct, bold violations of Title IX. The case exposed that Quinnipiac purposefully undermined Title IX by engineering athletic opportunities for women that were incomparable to the opportunities provided to men. This is the first time trying many of those deceptive practices in court, and it prevailed.

Emphasis mine. That is a sad sentence.

But this is, indeed, a huge victory, as indicated by the huge settlement. More scholarships, more coaching jobs, and improved coach compensation is one thing. $5 million worth of capital improvements to athletic facilities is quite another.