Beer and a paczek: Runners gorge during inaugural Paczki Day run

I was a little obsessed with Paczki Day this year. I did get my fix from the local Polish bakery and sausage maker, even though the flavor selection was limited. Turns out my home town of Detroit (actually Hamtramck, a city fully within the city of Detroit) held a 5k race that I would absolutely run if I were there. You’d consume more calories in one paczek than you’d burn running the race, but that’s not the point.

You know what’s especially cool about the event?

Proceeds from the race go toward the effort to create bike lanes in Hamtramck. The city is revising its non-motorized plan, and Kavanaugh said the goal is to eventually connect Hamtramck via bike lane to the Dequindre Cut and the Detroit Riverfront.