Rdio’s Remote Control is Keeping Me from Buying a Jambox

tl;dr: Rdio’s Remote Control feature is aces.

Even as I try to cut down the amount of information I consume and focus on higher quality information, the people I trust to share things with me share so many interesting things, I constantly have a bajillion browser tabs open, waiting to be read. So I occasionally buckle down with Chrome for an hour or two (or three, or four…).

At the same time, I have an Rdio queue a mile long, full of tracks and albums my musichead friends have shared that I want to check out. I’ve found that a great time to listen to the queue is while cruising through browser tabs. When I’m listening to my queue, I’m deciding if I like sounds/tracks/albums and whether I want to keep them, add them to a playlist, etc. (It’s active enough listening that doing that while reading in browser tabs qualifies as multitasking where neither of those activities are being completed with the proper attention. But that is not the point.)

I can manage my Rdio queue and the tracks therein from the Rdio app on my laptop, and with Remote Control I can plop my iPhone on the Bose speaker dock and play the music over there. It sounds a lot better but my ears are not cut off to my environment (like my wife, the dog, the doorbell, etc.). This all happens over wi-fi. With a Jambox I could accomplish the same over bluetooth and keep my phone handy. But that would require me to buy a Jambox, whereas I already have all these other things on hand.

I didn’t think it was that big a deal until I tried it. Now I don’t want to run Rdio any other way while I’m at home.