“The cable industry has done everything it can to …

“The cable industry has done everything it can to bundle programming and force consumers to buy things they don’t want,” said Gene Kimmelman, a former Justice Department antitrust lawyer. “Finally, one piece of their bundle has become so expensive that it may finally force the cable industry to shift gears and split the bundle out of fear of pricing its own customers out of the market.”

I’m so ambivalent on cable tv and sports.

Now that we’ve been without cable tv for a while, I’m over the hump of missing casual sports viewing. I sometimes miss it because I miss out on the social experience of watching a big game while reading tweets about said game. However, the biggest games (basically, season-end championships) are still on network tv, which I can get over-the-air.

At the same time, I’d like to see sports leagues outside the MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA get equal time. I’m personally most interested in the WNBA, but I’d be happy to see soccer and lacrosse get some airtime. What the media tells people is worthwhile becomes worthwhile to people. It’s the same phenomenon where most professional athletes are grossly overpaid, but I’d like professional female athletes to be paid equally to their male counterparts.

On the other other hand, the WNBA has done a fantastic job of making all their games available online for a nominal fee. I’d be willing to pay much more than last season’s price of $5/season for (almost) all league games. Now, for a higher price, I’d like to see in-arena production improve, and I’d like a little better quality that is watchable on my tv, not just on my iPad. That is tiding me over, and in fact that flexibility of access is preferable to dealing with a cable company. But it would be super if it actually looked good on my tv.

So, on a tangent, can we get apps for Apple TV? I see icons for NHL, MLB, and NBA on my Apple TV, and I think that content beyond clips can be accessed if I have the proper online account with those leagues’ respective sites. Can I not get to WNBA Live Access that way? Or can I get the WNBA Center Court app (which I have installed on my iPhone and iPad) for my Apple TV?