The End of and

As of mid-July, my cityblog will cease to exist. I will let the domain expire. The tumblr and Twitter will hang out for a while as they are not hosted on that domain. My other .mn domain,, will also be expiring. I am shutting down both that blog and The Dish mailing list as well.

I’ve had a lot of fun working on these projects. They’ve fundamentally changed the way I approach and experience living here. I think it’s fair to say that the cityblogging specifically is part of the reason I still live here.

I’m at the point where I can say “been there, done that” and be comfortable that I’ve done all I’m willing and able to do with it. I’m at the point where what got me here won’t take me to the next level. I’m confident that the things I’ve learned and the people I’ve met won’t disappear when the sites go away.

This wasn’t a hard decision to make in and of itself, but I sat on it for a long long time, letting myself get distracted by and bogged down in technical details and logistics. I thought too hard about it and then got overwhelmed. That’s a normal phenomenon for me. Finally, the expiry of the domains forced my hand. It could and maybe should be more elegant, but I certainly have the freedom to simply stop doing it.

I said in my farewell to’s readers that I hope each person reading learned at least one new thing about life in the Twin Cities that they didn’t know before. I never explicitly stated that as’s mission, but that was pretty much it.

That same philosophy applied to I have a little more guilt stepping away from The mere fact that a site focusing on minority experiences in Minnesota even existed was important to people, even though I never gave it as much attention as it deserved. I also hosted The Dish, a newsletter for queer women of color and friends, on It was pointed out to me that social media has all but made that newsletter (in its current/historical form) obsolete. Sistas are doin’ it for themselves with facebook and blogs and tweets. That was the perspective I needed to lay it to rest.

I may aggregate all the archives somewhere, just because I’m a packrat like that. Plus, importing from tumblr could be a good exercise in playing with WordPress’s new post formats capabilities. Maybe I’ll have a burst of freedom and light and just blow them up. They’re all in the Google machine if anyone really wants to see them, though it is a body of work of mine that may be useful for other purposes.

This is just one part of my ramp down as I prepare to make a mid-life career change. It feels like it’s a big one; I’m imagining I’ll reclaim a good chunk of time and brain cycles. We’ll see if that’s true.

Actually, it’ll be true if I make it true. This is as much a matter of me changing my habits and thought processes as it is a reduction in actual or perceived responsibility. Affecting this change could be harder than the status quo has been thus far.

See? Bogged down in details.

But excited for the possibilities. Next!

14 thoughts on “The End of and”

  1. Dang. brought me word of things I otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. Please do find a way to archive it. Just because I’m a packrat like that too.

  2. i”ve really enjoyed and appreciated and becaause both have enriched my sense of place and people here. That won’t go away when the domains expire.I wish you the best in your next adventure!

  3. Your work has added invaluably to the Twin Cities landscape. But here’s “cheers” to letting go, growing, and evolving to the next great thing. Congratulations on all you have done, and all that is unfolding. 

  4. Totally get it.  If I didn’t think we’d still have access to your work and insights I’d be weeping right now.  God bless the twitters/social. Good luck, friend.

  5. Will miss and – hope you’ll keep us posted on where and what you’re writing/doing next.

  6. Aww, this makes me sad.  But I totally get it.  Blogging feels like freedom in that you can say what you want and share with others, but on the other hand, having less encumbrances is always a good thing.  Of course, many wishes of luck for the career change!

  7. Hey, Erica – So, this is kind of awkward…I just saw your profile come up on Facebook (on Anya’s open house invite), and when I clicked on you, I saw that weren’t Facebook friends anymore.  I know I didn’t unfriend you, so I hope I didn’t unknowingly offend you or hurt you in a way that caused you to unfriend me.  I would not have meant to do that at all.  If I did, please let me know so that I can make reparations.  Again, sorry if I was a jerk without meaning to be!!  – Amy

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