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  1. Yes, I am in agreement. As a full blooded Native woman indigenous to this land. As it is; I don’t celebrate this as a holiday; Nor do I celebrate Thanksgiving, as it is set forth…Till maybe the day comes this country does right by the Native people I have no cause to celebrate a holiday like so much as the hypocrites who do. Natives need to be put on the calendar and recognized in complete and total truth in history books; Native laws must be recognized as the federal laws they are; The history of the people must be true and faithful to the people who died in and under it. The laws must make room, and this country has an obligation, they wooed and courted us like so much as a lady. Then, abused, used and cast us out like so much as who*es. It is way passed time, this country honor, respect and uplift the true royalty, and nobility of this land…Those who are indigenous to it. I for one, am tired of asking for rightfully mine. I for one, am sick of being disrespected, mistreated, misrepresented and lied to and lied on by every government from the beginning, to now. It is time for Change.

  2. I think we should celebrate the day as Native pride day. We need to educate our children as to what really happened and what Columbus really was accountable for.

  3. hey thats fine with me, cut the crazy fool out of the books. i never had use for the teaching anyways. most of us forgot about him, by all means cute him out. and thanksgiving can be reconstructed properly. as a pagan i celebrate thanksgiving as then end of the harvest season where family get together for a meal. christmas is another overly casted holiday that needs a bit of sorting. blessed be everyone and have a good winter season and stay warm

  4. It is about time but you left out why he did this. Religion. He did it all in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. YOU TELL ME IS HE REALLY TO BLAME!!! He didn’t fund his voyage by himself. I am not defending him just think there is more to blame then just one man!

  5. i am also in agreement i am of native american heritage out of WV and my ppl have told horror stories about how they had flew the east coast because he would do nothing but enslave and murder our ppl is this someone we really want to celebrate.

  6. I agree Devin, but he did do all of those inhuman things also. You can blame all of them, but there is only one man celebrated on that “holiday”. So he is mostly to blame. Anyways we need to cut out “Columbus Day” and replace it with a like kim Bobick said “Native Pride Day”.

  7. Our generations have long endured the bureaucratic heartaches and promises of a better tomorrow not only as The Indigenous, but as human beings . I quite vividly remember being in trouble in high school here  in Phoenix because I questioned why we weren’t being taught the entire story in our world  history / herstory  class. Our people need to remember, that straight, green,yellow,polka dotted or G.L.B.T we are all connected to this earth and must heal first ourselves, one another and then the Great mother. To all my relations, Jefree

  8. The true history about columbus is in my latest blog, his name wasnt columbus, he didnt discover anything, he did not thing the Taino Indians were from India, and he was responsible for millions of deaths. go to  thethirteenthstep.com, click on  robert haywards blog


  10. This persons needs not to be celebrated but to be disrespected for what he had done to my people and other races. He does not need to be celebrated for what he had done to us and not only the native Americans but to african Americans. He came onto our land. Treated us with no respect. Why would we show Him respect for what he did.

  11. Fine cut Columbus Day out, no one really cared anyway, but don’t go barking up the tree that we need to make a native pride day, thats bullshit. If you don’t want racism, then stop making yourself an individual instead of part of the human race. We don’t need a Native American day, nor an African American day, or a Black pride month, nor a European American day, nor a Gay pride day or month. You want the hate to end, then stop trying to make yourself special by being an individual somehow and make yourself apart a community, the human community on earth. Everyone trying to get their own month or even day of speciality while trying to be the same as everyone else is a hypocrite. 

    1. Jeffrey, I don’t know who you are or what your experience is and it’s not fair for me to assume things. However, your perspective sounds like one of a person who has not had an experience as a person of color in the United States. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Trust me, every person of color in this country wishes we were in the place of “human community” that you described but the fact is that’s not true. Pride days for various communities are places for those people to celebrate what makes them unique and also bring awareness about that experience to people outside of those communities.

      Yes, we would like the hate to end. Unfortunately, the comment you’ve made sounds… not quite hateful but certainly antagonistic. That’s not a good place from which to start this discussion. Perhaps try reading and really taking to heart what you read before you go on the offensive.

  12. My daughter started high school this year and was issued a global studies textbook published in 2005. I read over the entries about Columbus and his “discovery” of America. I was surprised that the book claimed he was the first European to arrive in the Americas, since there is clear and ample evidence that he was not. Worse still, there was no mention in her textbook about the atrocities that Columbus committed.  She’s being taught the same lies about Christopher Columbus that I was taught 30 years ago. We are slightly indigenous out of Northern Alabama, so my family knows the truth about Columbus and the devastation he ushered in. He was a mass murderer, plain and simple, the Hitler of his day.
    And I am totally in support of natonal days of recognition of indigenous people. How many school children even know who Tecumseh was or what he attempted to do? Do most visitors to Mt. Rushmore realize what an insult the place is to the native people of the northern Plains? There is an entire history of America that most of us in this country are ignorant of, a shameful fact that should be addressed.   

    1. We can keep talking about how sad it really is and was till the buffalo come home the thing I want to know is what are you going to do about it? And when are you gonna do what it is you are going to do? Step up go to the media go beyond the web. 

      1. How are you willing to help?

        Why is the onus on the underrepresented person to make it happen and there’s no responsibility placed on people in a position to make decisions about who gets visibility who have failed to do their part?

      2. You have no idea how hard it is to get the medias attention unless its about some moron crapping on a cop car, or upper middle class white kids in New york demanding that working people give them money not to work.I have been speaking about this for years, even wrote a published book(The Thirteenth Step), but there are very few who even realize we still exist, much less care if we live or die. The reality is that history constantly repeats itself until the evil is exposed and dealt with. The genocide of millions of Indians, so the europeans could establish a new source of goods and services and decimate every natural resource the way they had already raped europe, has been neatly swept under the rug. We all know about  the Jewish Holocaust, the black slave trade, the gay person who wants equality so they can get a marriage certificate, and now the saga of the poor undocumented immigrant who need everyones help. But the original people, who at one time not long ago were the only people here, are nonexistent in public discourse or policy. And yet, we have the highest rates of alcoholism, addiction, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, suicide, homicide, TB, and many other diseases, but nobody gives a damn. The poverty on some reservations is worse than many third world countries, no running water, no electricity, no heat, no food. Even though none of these problems existed for us prior to the invasion. Even though the US govt promised health care, education, and sustenance in trade for ALL of our land, in hundreds of treaties, none of which they honored. And our religion is still outlawed, in this land of “freedom of religion”. Hypocrites. Take it to the media?….been trying for decades, they dont give a damn. Every problem we have today did not exist in our culture or society 400 years ago. We have been trying to be self sufficient like we were prior to the destruction of our way of life, but it is impossible on plots of the most worthless land we could have been forced to survive on. Dont comment on something until you really know the facts. Read my blog about columbus, just take 5 minutes of your precious time, and learn something. Read them all, learn a lot. There is a history that is real, and another whitewashed version you were taught.  grow.    thethirteenthstep.com   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVP-Z6WcYIo

  13. yeah..thts true..but to bad he was wrong. he enslaved people…yeahh im suree thts whatt gods wants..cuz u know hes like tht. cool story bro…sorry but ur wrong.

  14. ohhh yeahh im narragansett indian…so if it was for religus personpuse..tht doesnt make it okay…yeahh umm im jst gonna sarcrifice this baby.but itsss okayyyy cuz its for godd!….yahh nooo sorryy

  15. I  agree education is the strongest form of weapon…I grew up in a town called COLUMBUS GEORGIA……..its a VERY CHRISTIAN TOWN……..I HATE IT THERE…..i refuse to live in a city that HONORS such a man.  Being a black man i think differently than what i was suppose to think…….When i researched   this man and found out what he did…….HOW HE AND HIS FOLLOWERS RAPED,PILLAGE,SLAVERY AND COMMITTED TOTAL GENOCIDE…..I was  furious at how people would actually like this guy or maybe they don’t know…..I SUGGEST CALLING IT INDIGENOUS DAY….

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